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Humans4Health Inc. (H4H)* was formed to create an environment conducive to sharing information around the promotion of healthy lifestyles through education, awareness, and engagement. *501 (3) C status pending

H4H was created to build awareness around health concerns and topics that are driven by our collaborative community of fellow humans who have a desire for positive change for themselves, friends, and family. We strive to provide content that is meaningful and accurate for our community as a safe zone that is friendly, encouraging, and creates realistic goal setting.

Through our belief of transparency and sharing of information, it is our goal to provide our community an opportunity to contribute funds towards expanding our mission. We will also accomplish raising funds through affiliate marketing opportunities that are connected to your health.

Our first initiative is partnering with the AdventHealth Foundation | Central Florida on behalf of the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute to raise funds and further innovation in patient care, research, and technology for people impacted by strokes.

Lending a Helping Hand

There are many organizations looking out to help us be healthy and stay in peak fitness, but they need our help. There are many ways we can help prevent a tragedy and keep everyone safe, and our network of medical professionals are there to make sure we can understand how to live through a deliberating health condition and come out on top to be in our best form yet.

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To keep it simple, and if I were to define myself, it is easy; “Rick is a husband and a father....a normal guy”. I was an average athlete in the past, and I am an average athlete and health and fitness advocate today. However, I have recently been inspired to take on the initiative of sharing my own fitness struggles. The struggle between my desire to be in peak physical fitness and participate in endurance events, and the reality of how my primary life and it's time commitments makes this endeavor, very difficult. It is my desire to stop being the "Normal guy."

Like most adults in this world, I have a full time job and rely on that employment to support the lifestyle I have chosen for myself and my family. What is not surprising (Like most of you) I also have a variety of other life commitments that consume my time daily. TIME is the one commodity that we must all better understand if we choose to live a healthier lifestyle. The fact is, our primary roles are most likely linked to activities that are not even remotely connected to the health and fitness industries. Therefore, health and fitness often becomes a low priority or secondary to the activities of our daily lives. As a consequence, our health and fitness often become “seasonal”.

It is my desire to help define what “Health and Fitness” means to people. And that it is very different for each person. Magazine covers should not define our wellness. Once this is understood, it becomes easier to build a sustainable, realistic plan that you can consistently execute within your specific lifestyle and time constraints. You can make significant changes in your life with limited time. Therefore, It is my goal to explore how we can do this in the most time efficient way possible.

I want to do this through building a community of humans sharing their successes, struggles, and mutual encouragement to keep fighting towards lifestyles that help us all live healthier and more physically fit lifestyles… let’s get rid of the “season” of health and fitness from our lives!

I want to be the average guy who helps others do uncommon things that ultimately help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. I know this community of sharing will ultimately help me stay inspired!


I will also take the simple straight forward approach of defining who I am; a father, a husband, an educator, and a professional in the medical field. I believe with all my heart that disease can be prevented and even more importantly, that certain diseases can be reversed with the help of honest conversation and hard work by a team of dedicated people.

In my thirty years of work in the helping and medical fields, I have grown to prize camaraderie, honest friendships, and the healing power of laughter and love.

Many times in my experience, I have seen the devastating looks on individuals faces when they have been told of a new medical condition, a condition that they feel they were blindsided by. And worst, believe that their condition is a potential death sentence. I have always taken that opportunity to educate on the diagnosis, and that in most cases, the condition has been building slowly over time due to bad habits. Habits that can be changed with hard work, dedication, support from friends and family, fellowship from others that have taken the journey previously and most importantly, belief that you can. The power of faith will always be the “x-factor” in your health.

I see my job as a wayfinder. I know that I will not be able to go on the journey with you, but I will point you in the correct direction. And when the time is needed, I will be there to support good habits and direct you back towards the “true north”.

It is my pleasure to offer what I can to aid you on your journey to better health.

Everybody Means Every Body

Building a Community. No Judgement, No Limits